Chainless TH205

  • Chainless TH205
  • Chainless TH205
  • Chainless TH205
  • Chainless TH205
  • Chainless TH205
  • Chainless TH205
  • Chainless TH205


  • Price: $24,500.00
  • Year: 2021
  • Make: Hustler
  • Model: Chainless TH205


  • Feed out any bale round or square
  • low maintenance drive
  • Hypa-Flow wiper ensures hay drops to the outside of the wheel tracks
  • Feed guide which shows starting positions for various types of bales
  • Protective covers
  • High tensile chassis
  • 6 stud axles
  • Massive ground clearance
  • Heavy duty parking jack
  • Single post drawbar
  • Total control loading
  • Hose holder
  • QRC grips


The chainless TH205 (X5000) is the top of the range Hustler self loading balefeeder suitable for feeding out any bale round or square and it maximises feed usage. The TH205 carries 2 bales at a time and is designed for medium to large operations.

This bale feeder does not grind, shred or cut the bale, but rather teases it apart leaving a narrow windrow of hay. Being hydraulic powered, fewer horsepower is needed to unroll the bale and fuel usuage is majorly minimized.

The TH205 also has no troublesome feed chains meaning greater reliability, lower maintanance and quieter operation. The new rotor shape has better penetration on tight bales and centralizes the bale in the feeding chamber so there is less wastage.

The total control loading system gives you complete control over loading the bale with the single cylinder design and allows unwrapping the bale above the feeding cradle.

CHECK OUT MORE VIDEOS AND PICTURES AT: https://www.hustlerequipment.com/bale-feeders/trailed-chainless-bale-feeders?loc=nz