Fassi F85B.0.24 Picker Crane


  • Manufacturer : Fassi
  • Model : F85B.0.24
  • Year : 2024



    • Fassi Electronic Control
    • Fassi Stability Control
    • Manual Outriggers Lock
    • Crane Position Monitoring
    • Multi-power extension system
    • Ultra-high strength steel
    • Fewer welded design
    • Cast quality
    • Rack and Pinion System
    • Cast iron base and lower column section for ideal stress distribution and greater resistance. The absence of welds provides the crane with characteristics of exceptional resistance to fatigue.
    • Extension booms guide shoes, with “forced” assembly to reduce vertical and horizontal clearance, ensuring greater durability. Special guide shoes material with high sliding degree and low greasing request.
    • Plastic tank, particularly resistant to shocks and the corrosive action of any external element.
    • Manual extendable tiltable outrigger also in “Extra wide“ and “Super Extra wide” execution


    • Load Torque: 77 kNm
    • Machine Length: 2.275 m
    • Machine Width: 0.69 m
    • Machine Height: 1.975 m
    • Max. Standard Boom: 11.3 m
    • Carrying Capacity: 0.41 t
    • at Max. Reach: 13.2 m
    • Weight: 1.12 t
    • Max. Carrying Capacity: 3.75 t
    • at Reach: 2 m
    • Model Series: 1 Jib

    The Fassi F85.B.0.24 active is a truck-mounted loading crane manufactured by Fassi since 2015. It has a weight of 1.12 tons and a carrying capacity of 0.41 tons. The load torque is 77 kNm, with a maximum carrying capacity of 3.75 tons. At its maximum reach of 13.2 meters, it can lift loads. The crane has a maximum standard boom length of 11.3 meters. The machine has a length of 2.275 meters, a width of 0.69 meters, and a height of 1.975 meters. At a reach of 2 meters, it can still perform its functions. It is equipped with special features such as electronic load torque limitation and hydraulic brace support.

    Manufacturer Fassi
    Model F85B.0.24
    Year 2024
    Condition NEW
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    Truck-Mounted Loading Cranes

    Combine reduced weight, compactness, and limited dimensions, but without foregoing all those factors typical of Fassi quality, both in the structure and in the details.

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