VMAC H40 Compressor


  • Product Type : Compressors
  • Manufacturer : VMAC
  • Model : H40
  • Year : 2023



    • Free Up To 6 Cubic Feet
      • VMAC’s 40 CFM hydraulic air compressors free up to 6 cubic feet on the truck deck.
      • Systems are designed and engineered to be compact for service trucks and applications where space is limited.
    • Decrease Truck GVW By Up To 260 lb
      • H40 air compressors reduce truck GVW by as much as 260 lb, due to the systems’ innovative design, lightweight materials, and integrated components. Choosing a lightweight air compressor means you’ll be able to add more tools and equipment to your truck, carry more materials, or take advantage of better fuel economy.
    • Up To 40 CFM, 100% Of The Time
      • VMAC hydraulic 40 CFM air compressors use patented rotary screw technology that can operate intermittently for smaller jobs, but are designed to run at 100% duty cycle without stopping, so operators don’t have to wait for their air compressor to fill up a bulky air receiver tank.
      • Maximizes tool performance and eliminates downtime by keeping operators working.


    • Integrated Hydraulic/Compressor Oil Cooler
      • 12V/24V activated fan, turns on/off automatically to adapt to hydraulic and compressor oil temperature
    • Digital Control Module
      • Controls system operation and stored settings
    • VMAC Air Compressor
      • Oil-injected rotary screw; direct-driven; 25-40 CFM @ 100 psi; 100% duty cycle; up to 150 psi
    • Digital Display Box
      • LCD for on/off controls, observing system status and adjusting parameters, mounts where needed on truck
    • Hydraulic Manifold
      • Controls flow of hydraulic oil through the system
    • Air Discharge
      • Includes check valve
    • Air/Oil Separator Tank
      • Separates compressor oil from compressed air

    VMAC’s 40 CFM hydraulic air compressor is the best choice for fleet managers and owners who require hydraulic-powered compressed air and aren’t satisfied with the performance of reciprocating air compressors.

    The powerful H40 rotary screw air compressor is ideal for operating small to medium sized air tools. Meanwhile, the compact design allows it to fit on trucks and specialty equipment with limited available space.

    Manufacturer VMAC
    Model H40
    Year 2023
    Condition NEW
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    Efficiency of a Compact Design

    Designed and engineered to be compact for service trucks and applications where space is limited.

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